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U.S. Intervention Raises Concern over Human Rights of LGBT Ugandans

While brave Ugandan human-rights activists like Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera stand up to officially and evangelically-sponsored death threats and “kill the gays” legislation, the United States

October 23, 2011 Blog

Human Rights Work: Filtering Fact from Rumor

Last month, journalist Rex Wockner profiles Scott Long, a long-time advocate for LGBT human rights who is now director of Human Rights Watch’s LGBT Rights

January 17, 2010 Blog

Didn’t We Invade Afghanistan and Iraq to Secure Freedom?

In the not too distant past, most Americans couldn’t tell a Pashtun from a cartoon, a Sunni from a Moonie or a Kurd from bean

August 18, 2009 Blog

Iraqi Gays Face Gruesome Torture, Murder; U.S. Thus Far Does Nothing

From Doug Ireland of the Gay City News, April 30: As the murder campaign targeting Iraqi gays intensifies, a leading Arabic television network last week

May 05, 2009 Blog
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