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I Triumphantly Return! Triumphantly!

HEY EVERYBODY! I am back, having valiantly survived basically a week without a working computer of any kind.  But now I am typing words to

August 04, 2011 Blog

If You’re New Here… [Housekeeping!]

There are a lot of new readers right now, so welcome, stay a while, fix yourself a drink, etc. Also, if you use the Twitter

March 21, 2011 Blog

Programming Note!

Your regular Truth Wins Out reportage and snarkage will resume tomorrow morning. Until then, enjoy this video of TBogg’s basset hound barking at a red

February 22, 2011 Blog

Housekeeping! Housekeeping!

Since there are a lot of new readers these days, I thought I’d give you all some instructions: 1.  Follow me on Twitter. 2.  Follow

October 08, 2010 Blog
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