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Porno Pete Has Posted a Picture of a Diseased Anus On His Website

We have always made fun of Peter LaBarbera, for his strange proclivities involving trying to “unmask” the gay community by visiting and reporting on leather

February 20, 2012 Blog

Sorry About The Cancer, Ladies [UPDATED]

Presented without comment: Background. UPDATE: Also, read Amanda Marcotte on this. She’s one of the experts

February 01, 2012 Blog

Into the Studio I Go [Also, the Weekend Random Ten]

So, this is the space where we normally have music in the form of a Random Ten, and we are going to do that in

October 07, 2011 Blog

New Study: Homophobia Has Adverse Effects on Victims’ Health

For a while now, it’s been interesting to watch as scientists have learned about the connections between physical and emotional/mental well-being, so here’s another one

February 04, 2011 Blog

Focus on the Family Defends Antigay Efforts to Undermine Public Health

Focus on the Family yesterday criticized the American Medical Association for spelling out, in detail, the plain truth: Christian Right discrimination against LGBT couples and

November 12, 2009 Blog

Researchers Say Focus on the Family Distorted Book On Gay Men’ Health

Anti-Gay Organization Drew False Link Between Sexual Abuse and Homosexuality NEW YORK — In a letter made available to Truth Wins Out, the authors of

June 16, 2009 Press Release

Obama to Reverse FRC’s Pro-Abortion Policy

For decades, the Family Research Council has — for ideological reasons — used various backdoor methods to place American couples at increased risk for untimely

February 28, 2009 Blog

Resistance to Comprehensive Sex Education Fuels Rise in Youth Infections

New cases of sexually transmitted infections are rising among women and African-American heterosexuals, according to the Centers for Disease Control. CNN reports: The CDC began

January 13, 2009 Blog

British Researcher Says LifeSiteNews, AFA Lied about Gay Health Research

The second researcher in less than a week has confirmed that the religious-right American Family Association and its allies lied about research regarding sexual orientation.

September 24, 2008 Blog

Calif. Court Denies Religious-Rightists A Blank Check for Medical Bigotry

Religious-rightists on Monday lost one phase of their campaign to give California doctors a blank check to practice bigotry against any class of patient for

August 19, 2008 Blog
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