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Horrible Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

In case you haven’t already heard for some reason, seven people died yesterday in a shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek,

August 06, 2012 Blog

Alarming LGBT News in Ukraine: Kiev Pride Cancelled, Gay Leader Attacked

When discussing the state of LGBT rights in Ukraine, the old cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words certainly holds true: This photograph, taken

May 21, 2012 Blog

Reports of Violent Hate Crimes Trending Upward

The FBI said Monday that reports of antigay hate crimes rose 11 percent from 2007 to 2008. The FBI survey defines a hate crime as

November 23, 2009 Blog

Ex-Gays Join Speaking Gigs in Defense of Antigay Hate Crimes

J. Grace Harley was profiled by Mark Benjamin of in 2005. According to that article, Harley — like most ex-gays — has a long

November 18, 2009 Blog

Police Say Decapitated Gay Youth ‘Deserved What He Got’

This is precisely the sort of crime that the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act was intended to punish: According to TowleRoad: Over the weekend the

November 16, 2009 Blog

FRC, Focus Protest Equal Punishment of Felony Antigay Violence

Here are just a few of the thousands of LGBT people who have been assaulted or killed in hate crimes in the past decade. And

October 28, 2009 Blog

Focus on the Family Says Laws Are the Problem — Not Hate Crimes

While mainstream media and a non-partisan antiviolence watchdog organization warned today that antigay killings are rising sharply, Focus on the Family said that’s of no

June 16, 2009 Blog

Antigay Killings Up 28 Percent

The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people killed in bias-motivated incidents increased by 28 percent in 2008 compared to a year ago, according

June 16, 2009 Blog

Antigay Activists Lie about APA to Undercut Support for Hate-Crime Bill

As reported yesterday, several religious-right organizations have falsely claimed this week that the American Psychological Association has changed its position regarding the factors that influence

May 14, 2009 Blog

Petition Exposes Family Research Council’s Support for Antigay Violence

Felony violence against gay people should be a protected form of expression if it is committed by pastors, according to the text of a fund-raising

April 22, 2009 Blog
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