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Glenn Beck Does Not Like ‘Glee,’ Will Make ‘Good’ Music To Brainwash Liberals

This is Glenn Beck, talking, at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington DC: It was a year ago I was watching the show Glee with my

June 15, 2012 Blog

The Consequences of Marriage Equality Are Worse Than We Thought

Right here, you guys: Yunnan Wild Animal Park’s “sheep falls in love with spotted deer [Sika Deer]” affair has attracted people’s attention and though a

December 02, 2011 Blog

There is Going to be Nookie on the Television Tomorrow Night

Straight nookie and gay nookie! Bryan Fischer and one of his wingnut colleagues are upset about it. That is all

November 07, 2011 Blog

Another Day, More Wingnuts Freaking Out About Glee

It’s truly terrible, a television show that features the message that gays aren’t going to hell, and actually are normal people.  That really interferes with

August 25, 2011 Blog

Dear Christian Right: This Is What Real Parents Look Like

This entire blog post, written by a mom whose six year old son has a serious crush on Blaine from Glee, is amazing. My oldest

August 18, 2011 Blog

Tim Pawlenty Not Sure How He Feels About Lyrics to His Favorite Gaga Song

What is it this year with anti-gay GOP presidential hopefuls openly declaring their love for very, very gay things?  First it was Michele Bachmann queening

July 11, 2011 Blog

Michele Bachmann Cheerfully Yammers For Five Minutes About Hating Gays

DSM-IV material. Hey Crazy Eyes:  Y’all still watching Glee?  In your family, Kurt might have shot himself by now. [h/t Joe

June 07, 2011 Blog

Sign GLAAD’s Petition Demanding Apology from Fox Houston for Terrible ‘Glee’ Segment

The other day, I wrote about an awful segment on Fox’s Houston affiliate, in which the newscaster, Damali Keith, hosted hate group lackey Bryan Fischer

May 04, 2011 Blog

This Commercial Aired On Fox During Primetime Tonight

It’s a commercial for Google Chrome, and it aired during Glee. Just watch.  Oh, my god

May 03, 2011 Blog

Dumbstruck That Michele Bachmann is Star-Struck Over Glee Actors

Weekly Column Last week, I pointed out the absurdity of conservative evangelical minister Franklin Graham’s words of support for Donald Trump, whose only form of

May 03, 2011 Blog, Opinion
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