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Tennessee Pastor: If You Reject Your Gay Kids, You Can’t SAVE Them

You'll never deliver them from gayness if you kick them out of the house!

April 08, 2013 Opinion

Deb Word, Catholic Mom for Equality

Deb Word works tirelessly as an advocate for homeless/discarded gay youth in Memphis, Tennessee. In this video, she’s interviewed at a conference at Fordham University

September 19, 2011 Blog

Catholic Mother, Grandmother and LGBT Advocate Speaks Out to Bishops on Gay Youth

This is a supremely cool video, and it happens to have been made by a friend of mine. Though we in the LGBT community run

November 29, 2010 Blog

Cyndi Lauper Turns Empire State Building Green for Homeless Gay Kids

This is pretty awesome. [h/t Joe

November 05, 2010 Blog

Gloria Estefan Says It Gets Better, Too

Yay. [h/t Perez Hilton

October 18, 2010 Blog

Making My Skin Crawl: Exodus’ “Reaching Gay Youth” Conference

On Saturday, July 10 in Bakersfield, CA, Exodus affiliate, His Way Out Ministries, will host a conference, “Reaching Gay Youth”. The event will be run

March 18, 2010 Blog

Church’s Exorcism Video Showcases Unregulated Ex-Gay Abuse of Youth

A Bridgeport, Conn., church called Manifested Glory Ministries posted a controversial video on YouTube that raises concern about the unregulated abuse of children by church-sponsored

June 19, 2009 Blog

Gay Mormons Tell LDS Leaders What They Missed

Leaders of the largest world-wide advocacy and support group for gay Mormons announced today that they intend to keep their date to be in Salt

August 07, 2008 Blog
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