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Bryan Fischer: Gay Republicans ‘Have No Business’ in the GOP

Gay Republican groups like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans just can’t seem to get a break. Last week the Republican National Committee’s platform-drafting subcommittee approved

August 28, 2012 Blog

Video of the Day, Volume 2: Grindr for the GOP Convention

Check out this hilarious video from Funny or Die. Michele Bachmann, my favorite Minnesota Republican, even makes an appearance at the end. Fair warning, though:

August 20, 2012 Blog

Cenk Uygur on the “Greedy Gay Republicans” of GOProud

Cenk pretty much nails it: [h/t Joe

June 22, 2012 Blog

Biggest Non-Surprise of the Day: Sullivan Says Pro-LGBT Republicans Don’t ‘Have the Balls’ to Confront Religious Right

Andrew Sullivan wrote another column about the Richard Grenell resignation today in which he revealed specifics about the way Grenell was muzzled by Mitt Romney’s

May 03, 2012 Blog

Andrew Sullivan on Richard Grenell, Gay Republicans

Gay conservative writer, blogger, and marriage equality activist Andrew Sullivan tweeted today about the resignation of Richard Grenell and, in 121 characters, perfectly captured what it’s like

May 02, 2012 Blog

Suze Orman Discusses the Financial Issues of Marriage Equality

Take that, gay Republicans: [h/t Think Progress

January 12, 2012 Blog

Meet Rick Santorum’s Gay Friend

As Joe said, this is unreal. Here is Rick Santorum’s former chief of staff, Robert Traynham, who is a black gay man, defending Santorum’s bigotry

January 06, 2012 Blog

Chris Barron Out at GOProud

This past week hasn’t been good for GOProud. And now, this: GOProud Co-Founder and Board Chairman Chris Barron announced today that he was stepping down

December 14, 2011 Blog

Gay Conservatives Still Think Gun Rights Laws Are Gay Rights Laws

For some reason, gay wingnuts think that any time a law is passed which allows people more freedom to play with guns, it’s a victory

October 27, 2011 Blog

A Gay Republican Mayor for San Diego?

A mayoral election in the Republican stranglehold stronghold of San Diego is underway, and two of the Republican candidates for mayor are also openly gay.

October 10, 2011 Blog
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