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Fertility Breakthrough May Have Big Implications for Same-Sex Couples

The Advocate reports that a new study released last week by Kyoto University indicates that same-sex couples may someday be able to have children who are

October 08, 2012 Blog

In Case You Missed It: Rupert Everett & I Are Getting Divorced

In light of Rupert Everett's appalling remarks about gay parents, I'm divorcing him -- well, removing him from my pantheon of favorite actors

September 20, 2012 Blog

Santorum Thinks Kids of Criminals Better Off Than Kids of Gay Parents

Rick Santorum’s absurd bigotry knows no bounds, and is almost as offensive as the fact that he thinks he’s smart: Speaking at a boarding school

January 09, 2012 Blog

NARTH Lying About Others’ Research Again

One thing that consistent when it comes to dealing with the Religious Right is that you can’t trust a word they say or write. I’d

January 06, 2012 Blog

NOM Personally Attacks Gay Family For No Reason

This is typical behavior from the National Organization for Marriage, but should be pointed out nonetheless. As Joe points out, whoever’s manning NOM’s blog these

October 03, 2011 Blog

Here Is What Gay Parenting Looks Like

This is Kyle.  He has two gay dads and a lesbian mom. [h/t Joe

September 01, 2011 Blog

Great Mothers Day Cartoon

Mothers Day was yesterday, but I just happened upon this great cartoon from The New Yorker, featuring an amazing kid correcting her teachers’ grammar, because

May 09, 2011 Blog

The Utter Horrors of Gay Parenting

Look at this picture of Neil Patrick Harris’s husband David with their kiddos.  Just look at it. Yeah, those are some traumatized babies, all right.

May 03, 2011 Blog

Jan Brewer Is Still The Worst Wingnut Ever

Last night on Facebook, I gave Jan Brewer a hair of credit for vetoing a birther bill that would require candidates to prove their US citizenship,

April 19, 2011 Blog

Southern Fried Gay Parenting

Interesting report on CNN in light of the study that found that gay couples in the South are more likely to be raising children than

February 07, 2011 Blog
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