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World Vision, One Of Country’s Largest Christian Charities, Will Now Hire Married Gay Christians

Stay tuned for the Religious Right to start claiming World Vision was bullied into this

March 24, 2014 News

“Ex-Gay” DL Foster Speaks to “Pro-Family” Linda Harvey, Bizarre Hate Ensues

In one corner, we have DL Foster, the “ex-gay” who thinks Dan Savage should be arrested for trying to help gay kids, presumably because DL

May 08, 2012 Blog

A Must Watch Video For Gay Christians, Their Families and Friends

And also for anyone out there who knows a gay kid whose Christian parents don’t accept them, and so on and so forth… This is

March 28, 2012 Blog

Kathy Baldock Reviews Bigot Michael Brown’s Book

And she does it on YouTube! Enjoy, as Kathy is fierce

October 19, 2011 Blog

The Presbyterian Church’s First Openly Gay Pastor

We’re talking about the PC(USA) here, obviously, as opposed to the fringe conservative sects of the Presbyterian Church. John Shore has a piece up today

October 04, 2011 Blog

Fort Worth’s Broadway Baptist Leaves Baptist Convention in Support of Gay Members

Even in the world of Baptist churches in the South and Southwest, there is hope: Broadway Baptist Church of Forth Worth has pulled out of

September 14, 2010 Blog
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