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Dear Abby Letter Writer Must Endure Hardship Of Acting Like Bigot, Being Treated Like Bigot

It's so sad watching bigots endure a world where they're increasingly alone

February 19, 2014 News

Tony Perkins Does Not Like Being Fact Checked

What happened to real America, when hate group leaders like Tony Perkins could lie and get away with it

July 10, 2013 News

Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Eviscerates The Fundamentalist Christian Victim Complex

By the end of this video, everyone can see just how silly Fundies' cries of "bullying" really are

June 18, 2013 Opinion

Hatemongering Christian Heavy Metal Pastor Gets To Pay Legal Fees For Famous Lesbian

Hey, does everybody remember when anti-gay hate radio jock [Wonkette: “WORLD’S GREATEST HEAVY-METAL ANTI-ABORTION PUBLIC SCHOOL ASSEMBLY STAR”] filed a silly lawsuit against Rachel Maddow

July 09, 2012 Blog

It’s Okay To Lie If You’re Fighting for “Traditional Marriage”

Earlier today, Vote For Marriage NC, a hate group pushing for the anti-gay marriage amendment in that state, was roaring about an old woman allegedly

April 30, 2012 Blog

The Wingnut ‘Poor-Me’ Mentality, Summed Up

This, from Vacuumslayer over at Whiskey Fire: A lot of wingnut worldview hinges on a belief that there is natural–NATURAL!–can’t fight it, libs!–hierarchy that informs

January 12, 2012 Blog

The Persecution of Fundamentalist Christians, Illustrated

This is just about perfect: [h/t Joe

January 11, 2012 Blog

Linda Harvey Ranks All The Things She Complained About In 2011

Linda Harvey of the small hate outfit Mission America pretty much thinks about one thing and one thing only, namely her visceral and unreasonable hatred

December 27, 2011 Blog

Gary Cass’s Top Ten ‘Anti-Christian Acts’ Feature A Lot Of Whining, No Actual Victims

I could spend a lot of time rebutting this List of Whine Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has put out, pointing out, as

December 20, 2011 Blog

Felon Chuck Colson: Gays Are Controlling Our Thoughts!

Earlier today I posted a long quote from Kathy Baldock, an Evangelical Christian, about how the supposed “persecution” of Christians in this country simply doesn’t

December 09, 2011 Blog
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