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Frank Rich on the Hypocrisy of Gay-Friendly Republicans and the Culpability of Liberals in Slowing March to Equality

[Here are two open tabs in my browser that I can combine into one blog post, said the blogger.] Frank Rich has had quite a

February 28, 2012 Blog

Why Frank Rich Supports Marriage Equality

This is a great clip.  An audience member at Rich’s talk at Harvard asked him to explain how he, as a straight man, came to

March 11, 2011 Blog

Frank Rich On Billionaire Brothers Who Contol Tea Party

Today, Frank Rich took on the evil Koch brothers, who essentially control the Tea Party. If the Democrats cannot exploit this information to destroy the

August 29, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich on the Prop 8 Trial

These two paragraphs from Rich’s latest column really sort of sum up what happened in the Prop 8 trial. You should read the whole thing,

August 15, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich Rules

Please read Frank Rich’s column, “Two Weddings, a Divorce and ‘Glee'”. Despite the fact he has not yet quoted me, he remains the top columnist

June 14, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich on DADT Repeal: “Smoke the Bigots out of the Closet”

The New York Times’ Frank Rich has a column in tomorrow’s edition on the relative silence of Republican leaders in the face of overwhelming public

February 06, 2010 Blog
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