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Paging Dr. Freud: Porno Pete Supporter Exhorts Fox News To ‘Devolve’ To Embrace Anti-Gay ‘Values’

Porno Pete has unintentionally been helping people EVOLVE on LGBT issues since the beginning of his career

January 20, 2015 Opinion

Debunking Fox News’ Misinformation On ENDA

The Religious Right wants much more than "religious freedom" -- they want supremacy

November 01, 2013 News

Porno Pete Writes 40,000 Word Report About How Fox News Broke Up With Him

Dear Porno Pete: Fox News never really loved you in the first place

August 14, 2013 News

TWO’s Wayne Besen Debating NARTH’s David Pickup Tonight on Alan Colmes Show

This just in: TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen will be debating “ex-gay” therapist and NARTH spokesman David Pickup tonight on Alan Colmes‘ radio show at

October 09, 2012 Blog

AFA Joins Call To Blacklist TWO’s Wayne Besen From FOX News; Fundies Launch New Petition

Just when you thought that anti-gay activists couldn’t get more outrageous — they launched a nutty petition today packed with inflammatory language urging FOX News

August 24, 2012 Blog

Bill O’Reilly Gets a Reality Check on Ben & Jerry’s, Marriage Equality

Bill O’Reilly, the darling of the Fox News Channel, took a minute on his top-rated political commentary show last week to slam Vermont’s own legendary

March 29, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Fox News Super-Excited About Surging Santorum

The jokes just keep on comin’. I wish this could all mean Santorum would somehow surge enough to become the 2012 candidate, as that would

December 30, 2011 Blog

Greta Van Susteren Asks Frothy Mix Funny Question

“How are you going to get the gay vote?,” asked Greta to Rick Santorum. “Considering the fact that your seething anti-gay hatred is weird even

December 21, 2011 Blog

Science: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than Nothing About Everything

Quelle surprise, wingnuts. When we call you dumb, it’s  not because we have nothing else to say, but that we have no interest in speaking

November 21, 2011 Blog

Fox and Friends Kids Lose It Like Schoolchildren Over Gender Neutral Dorms

These people truly are pathetic. Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade are having a discussion about, oh my gah you guys, gender neutral housing

October 28, 2011 Blog
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