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Sad, Scared Nobody Rants on Radio Against Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns

This sniveling little pig ignorant bigot is named, um, let’s see…Chris Krok.  He is apparently on the radio somewhere, but hasn’t been able to build

November 12, 2010 Blog

Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns Talks to Ellen DeGeneres

Joel Burns has been all over the place since his heartwrenching and inspirational speech to the Fort Worth City Council, in which he recounted his

October 20, 2010 Blog

A Light Shines in Ft. Worth

Joel Burns, an openly-gay councilman in Ft. Worth, Texas, gave a speech in which he assured gay teens that “life gets better.” What the courageous

October 16, 2010 Blog

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns Offers Moving Testimony, Hope to Gay Teens

This is what a fierce advocate looks like. This happened in the City Council meeting yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas.  If you’ve ever been to

October 13, 2010 Blog

Fort Worth’s Broadway Baptist Leaves Baptist Convention in Support of Gay Members

Even in the world of Baptist churches in the South and Southwest, there is hope: Broadway Baptist Church of Forth Worth has pulled out of

September 14, 2010 Blog
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