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Florida Couples File Suit To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The case is being brought by the NCLR, Equality Florida and others

January 21, 2014 News

Loser-American Doesn’t Understand Why It Isn’t Okay To Shoot Black People

You know how we talk a lot about how anti-gay wingnuts are being bred out of the population and will, within a couple of generations,

August 01, 2012 Blog

Bryan Fischer Worried Marriage Equality Will Lead To Legalized Pedophilia, Bestiality

Hey, crazy, what’s shakin’? Two things for slow readers like Bryan: 1. Pedophilia won’t be legalized because the child can’t consent. We have very serious

June 28, 2012 Blog

When Anti-Gay Bullying Comes From Your High School Principal

This story is disgusting.  Two girls in Pompano Beach, Florida, are being threatened with suspension because they were holding hands at their high school.  Oh,

May 19, 2011 Blog

New Black Panthers Issue Warning to Truth Wins Out Over Kimberly Daniels Scandal

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video First Coast News reports: Kimberly Daniels, candidate in the runoff for the At-Large Group 1

April 23, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Forbidden Sex and Chicken Sandwiches

(Weekly Column) It was mid-afternoon and I was driving into Stillwater to speak at Oklahoma State University. Hungry, I saw a gleaming red Chick-fil-A restaurant

March 01, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Federally Funded ‘Missionaries’ Now Teach in Florida Public Schools

Guest post by Bruce Wilson, cross-posted at Talk To Action. Government funded missionaries in public schools? The idea would flabbergast many of America’s founders, most

February 25, 2011 Blog, News, Opinion, Press Release

New Florida Governor Seeks to Undermine Courts, Prevent Gay Adoption

So, the new Republican governor of Florida, Rick Scott, thinks that court rulings don’t apply to him, because of His Beliefs probably, so he’s got

January 21, 2011 Blog

Adoption Ban in Florida Ruled Unconstitutional in Appeals Court

Missed this yesterday, but here you go.  From CNN: A Florida appeals court Wednesday struck down a state law barring gay men and lesbians from

September 23, 2010 Blog

Charlie Crist Suddenly Loves Gay Rights [But Not Marriage]

Pander, pander.  Charlie Crist has released a new position paper on LGBT rights.  It’s mostly good, but stops short of supporting marriage equality, sort of

September 13, 2010 Blog
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