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If You’re New Here… [Housekeeping!]

There are a lot of new readers right now, so welcome, stay a while, fix yourself a drink, etc. Also, if you use the Twitter

March 21, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Here’s some other stuff you might be interested in: 1. The “Christian Medical Association,” which seems to exist to protect doctors and other medical professionals

February 18, 2011 Blog

Housekeeping! Housekeeping!

Since there are a lot of new readers these days, I thought I’d give you all some instructions: 1.  Follow me on Twitter. 2.  Follow

October 08, 2010 Blog

Arnold Schwarzenegger Openly Making Fun of Sarah Palin on Twitter

This is pretty funny [via Joe]: And we mentioned Twitter, so as always, if you’re not already, you should follow me on Twitter here, Wayne

September 10, 2010 Blog

Michael Pakaluk Is Scared Kids of Gay Parents Will Bring Porn to School; Girl On Internet Disposes Handily Of That Notion

Last week, the Archdiocese of Boston published a piece in its newspaper by college professor Michael Pakaluk which suggested that, among other reasons, gays shouldn’t

June 15, 2010 Blog

The Tipping Point on LGBT Equality Has Arrived

Weekly Column A couple of weeks ago I wrote, “The war over gay rights in America and other modern nations has been largely won. Too

June 07, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Facebook Suppresses Key Group Opposing Genocide in Uganda

Facebook has shut down, at least temporarily, one of the largest and most diverse groups opposing genocide in Uganda — without explanation. The group disappeared

February 01, 2010 Blog

Having Affirmed Kidnapping, Liberty Counsel Covers Its Tracks

The Only One Mommy Facebook group was created by Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen and ex-gay activist Debbie Thurman to affirm the illegal activities of

January 23, 2010 Blog

Facebook Fails to Enforce Its Rules against Antigay Violence: Part I

Truth Wins Out upholds the U.S. First Amendment right of private individuals and organizations to express viewpoints that others may find offensive. This freedom does

November 17, 2009 Blog

Facebook Fails to Enforce TOS against Uganda Hate Groups

Two Facebook groups have been created by U.S. and Ugandan evangelicals to espouse antigay violence and promote legislation requiring the execution of Ugandan same-sex-attracted persons.

November 08, 2009 Blog
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