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What is the practical impact of Instagram and Facebook’s Pledge to Remove Conversion Therapy Content?

PR game-playing or a game-changer? The pledge to nix conversion therapy comes as Nazis still use Facebook platform to spew hate

July 13, 2020 Opinion

Anti-Gay Facebook Group Pushes ‘Children’s Book’ About Killing Gays

The page has been taken down, but its fans still exist

January 21, 2014 News

Pat Robertson Requests Facebook Add ‘Vomit’ Button For When He Sees Gay Stuff

Pat Robertson won't be clicking "like" on this post but you should

July 08, 2013 Opinion

Homophobia in the Social Media Age: Defriended Over a Same-Sex Wedding

There’s a post making the rounds on social media that I wanted to share with you, because I think we can all relate to the

September 04, 2012 Blog

TWO Stepping Up its Facebook Presence

Attention, Truth Wins Out readers: we’re significantly stepping up our organization’s Facebook presence. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to “like”

August 27, 2012 Blog

Facebook Bans Karl Frisch From Posting For A Day Due To Anti-Chick-Fil-A Picture

Lame, Facebook, really. Really, really lame. They banned radio host Karl Frisch from posting content today because he posted this: I agree with Frisch’s assessment

July 24, 2012 Blog

UPDATE: Secret Anti-Gay Facebook Group Has Already Disbanded

Alvin broke the story this morning of a secret “cabal” of anti-gay activists working together on their private Facebook group, Truth4Time, to find new and

April 23, 2012 Blog

The Rise of the Gimbo (Gay Bimbo)

(Weekly Column) So, I’m watching the roundtable on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos and instead of being able to concentrate on the talking heads,

March 07, 2012 Blog

1,000,001 Moms for JC Penney and Equality

Go like this page on Facebook. It’s brand new. I was the 10th person to like it, and your Truth Wins Out graphic designer Monty

February 08, 2012 Blog

Ex-Gay D.L. Foster’s Facebook Chat Turns ‘Racist’

Atlanta ex-gay activist D.L. Foster has a history of racially insensitive commentary, as well as affiliation with some people of questionable integrity. Now he is accused

June 23, 2011 Blog
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