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Failed Actress/Comedienne Has Opinion On Gays

Amidst an anti-Muslim tirade of word salad convoluted enough to make a Palin bow down in awe and say, “Mommy?,” failed actress and even more

March 22, 2011 Blog

And Now Extremist ‘Prophet’ Cindy Jacobs Will Explain the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

First it was the satirical video thanking God for the Japanese earthquake.  Then this morning it was wingnut El Paso city council candidate Malcolm McGregor,

March 16, 2011 Blog

Social Conservative Wingnut Does Not Like Private University’s Dorm Policy

If a social conservative train leaves station A going 100 miles per hour and an economic market-worshipping conservative train leaves station B three hundred miles

March 14, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Men Are Also Misogynists (#41,638 Of An Ongoing Series)

Tintin at Sadly, No! found something.  It’s a new (?) wingnut named Bill Flax, who is making the same old boring argument again, in an

March 14, 2011 Blog

Let’s Start The Week With A Creepy/Funny Fundamentalist Sermon

Here you go! All sane people, let your heads hit the desk right now. The fundamentalist Christian fear of contamination is so weird. Seriously, they

March 14, 2011 Blog
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