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All Groups Support Marriage Equality Except Elderly, Ignorant, and Extreme

Resistance to same-sex marriage shrinks and is concentrated among older people, white evangelical Christians and non-college-educated whites

March 07, 2013 News

See Your State’s LGBT Snapshot

The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law — the preeminent resource for independent research and scholarship on sexual orientation and gender identity issues in the United

August 08, 2012 Blog

Center For American Progress: Marriage Equality Is A Mainstream Value

Just look at this infographic and see just how far we’ve come. It will only get better from here: Stunning

July 11, 2012 Blog

28% Of Americans Don’t See Need for Separation of Church and State

Joe grabbed these screen caps from pollster Nate Silver. Here is your Santorum-voting bloc: It’s kind of unbelievable, yes, but when you consider that we

February 27, 2012 Blog

Vibrant LGBT Community a Predictor of a City’s Success

For all the grumping from the anti-gay set about how gay people are ruining America, the statistics sure don’t bear that out.  Richard Florida, one

July 20, 2010 Blog
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