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Gary Bauer Trashes Democratic Platform

Here is what we think of Bauer

September 07, 2012 Blog

DNC, Day 1: A Great Day for LGBT Americans

About to turn in for the night, but I couldn’t go to bed without pointing out that today, the Democratic Party became the first major

September 05, 2012 Blog

TWO Dismayed with Democratic Party for Allowing Cardinal Timothy Dolan to Bless Convention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Contact: Wayne Besen, Executive Director Phone: 917-691-5118 Email: Truth Wins Out Dismayed with Democratic Party for Allowing

August 28, 2012 Blog, News, Press Release

Democrats Vote Unanimously To Include Marriage Equality In Party Platform

Progress! The Democratic Party platform drafting committee approved on Sunday language endorsing same-sex marriage in addition to other pro-LGBT positions as part of the Democratic

July 30, 2012 Blog

Texas and Montana Democratic Parties Add Marriage Equality to Their Platforms

Perhaps Shelby County in Tennessee started a trend. Joe alerts us to the fact that, in the past weekend, the state Democratic party chapters of

June 11, 2012 Blog

Last Night’s Smackdown, Brought to You by the Democratic Party

Wayne wrote this morning about last night’s victories for openly gay candidates around the country, which is fantastic. It was even more than that, though.

November 09, 2011 Blog

Re: The Mid-Term Elections

The mid-term elections are now just under a month away.  LGBT people are, understandably, frustrated with the slow progress of things like DADT repeal, ENDA,

October 05, 2010 Blog

Democrats In Trouble With Big Donors For A Good Reason

The trouble with the Democrats is best summed up in one line by New York Times columnist Tom Friedman who wrote that Americans are looking

September 30, 2010 Blog

Democrats Release Damning Short Film About ‘Pro-Family’ Senator David Vitter

Ooh.  Take it away, Lauri Apple from Wonkette: Officially titled Forgotten Crimes: Lawmaker, Lawbreaker, the short film points out that Vitter was never officially punished

September 03, 2010 Blog

To Win, Democrats Must Define, Defend, and Dumb Down

Weekly Column This weekend, I attended an event on Fire Island that featured Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (who was quite lovely and engaging). Interestingly, a few donors

August 31, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release
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