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Defense of Marriage Act

Feinstein Will Introduce Bill to Repeal DOMA

Go, Dianne! Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) today said, “My own belief is that when two people love each other and enter the contract of marriage,

February 23, 2011 Blog

Fox News Losing It Over DOMA Announcement

Watch Megyn Kelly and Maggie Gallagher erupt in an explosion of wingnut pout-rage over the Obama administration’s decision to stop defending Section 3 of DOMA

February 23, 2011 Blog

BREAKING: Obama Says DOMA Is Unconstitutional; DOJ Will No Longer Defend It In Court

WOW. Chris Geidner: The Department of Justice has made a decision that heightened scrutiny applies to sexual orientation classifications such as that involved in the

February 23, 2011 Blog
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