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‘Kill-the-Gays’ Bill Lives Again in Uganda

The hard work of Exodus International director Don Schmierer in 2009 is paying off: Officials in Uganda have brought Uganda’s kill-the-gays legislation back to life.

October 25, 2011 Blog

Bishop Eddie Long Called for Death Penalty for Gays

What do we always say?  The more extreme the anti-gay hatred, the more skeletons in the closet?  Something like that: As many as 30 young

September 27, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: Missionaries of Hate: Ex-Gay Architects of Uganda’s Antigay Bill

U.S. cable network Current TV is premiering a can’t-miss documentary this week: The network’s Vanguard program traveled to Uganda to “trace the influence of American

May 25, 2010 Blog

Ex-Gay Promotes African Fundie Re-Education Camps, Prison, and Government Surveillance of Bedrooms

In 2009, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively led an Exodus International board member and a representative of former PFOX president Richard Cohen’s International Healing Foundation to

May 24, 2010 Blog

NOM Says It’s Courageous to Remind Everyone That the Bible Makes Us Put Homosexuals To Death

In case you had any doubts about that open sewer that is the moral consciousness of Maggie Gallagher and the jolly gang over at NOM…

February 25, 2010 Blog
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