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Death Cab for Cutie

Brandi Carlile, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard for Washington Marriage Equality

Washington state’s musicians are making noise in support of their new marriage equality law, which will unfortunately be put to a public vote. Unfortunate not

June 21, 2012 Blog

Some Weekend Music [Death Cab for Cutie edition]

I’m a big fan of musical narratives and arcs, the way songs can work together to create a story, or a mood.  This is one

June 03, 2011 Blog

Weekend Random Ten [Ryan Adams edition]

Music time! Starting with a couple from Ryan Adams, just because. “Come Pick Me Up” and “La Cienega Just Smiled.” And then at the bottom,

January 14, 2011 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Landslide edition]

No round-up this week, as it was a pretty mundane week on the wingnut front.  They seriously never say anything new.  Scroll and click on

November 12, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [a little Death Cab edition]

Time to close down the week.  Hopefully next week I’ll be Above the Weather and I’ll be back in my normal, crazy 10+ posts per

October 15, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Oceans Edition]

Time for the weekly wrap-up and then some music, so let’s go. Ken Mehlman is gay gay gay gay GAY gay super-duper gay.  Ann Coulter

August 27, 2010 Blog
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