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Dan Savage: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guy’s Racism Far More Offensive Than His Anti-Gay Comments

Far right Christians only attempt to appear racially inclusive when it's politically expedient

December 24, 2013 News

Bill Donohue, Flailing In The Wind, Demands That Bill Maher’s Show Be Cancelled

I feel like he's asked for this before

November 26, 2013 News

Porno Pete (Maybe) Purple For Spirit Day

He's, of course, not doing it for gay kids

October 17, 2013 News

Conservative Talk Show Host Hopes ‘That Faggot’ Dan Savage Dies Of ‘Every Disease Known’

Radio host Stan Solomon had quite the meltdown yesterday

August 29, 2013 News

Dan Savage – 1; Porno Pete – 0

Scenes from Twitter this morning

July 24, 2013 Opinion

Savage Makes Conservative Guests Squirm On ‘Real Time’

He also talked about how life is different for gay couples now that Section 3 of DOMA is gone

July 22, 2013 Opinion

Dan Savage On Porno Pete

It's not hate -- it's "hateflirting."

June 28, 2013 Opinion

Dan Savage Discusses ‘Ex-Gay’ Camps

Luckily, the camp he alludes to has been long shut down, but others still exist

June 13, 2013 Opinion

Dan Savage On What Christians Can Do For The LGBT Movement

Don't tell us that Tony Perkins doesn't speak for you. Tell Tony Perkins

May 31, 2013 News
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