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The First Lesbian Super PAC

Here’s an interesting development: A group of high-profile lesbians on Wednesday launched a political action committee dedicated to raising cash and campaigning on gay and

July 11, 2012 Blog

Target Is Still Giving Money to Anti-Gay Politicians

Abe Sauer over at The Awl has been doing the best reporting on this since earlier in the year when everything blew up over Target’s

December 23, 2010 Blog

DISCUSS: Is the Target-Best Buy Boycott Gaining Traction?

Thanks to and, we have at least two examples of tangible and quantifiable protest against Target Corp. and Best Buy for their attempts

August 19, 2010 Blog

Singing Flash Mob Sends Target a Message

I appreciate this recent Target protest for two reasons: 1. They wrote a song and flash mobbed the place. That’s fun for the whole family.

August 16, 2010 Blog

Target Apologizes for Minnesota Donation

This is welcome news: The head of Target Corp. apologized Thursday over a political donation to a business group backing a conservative Republican for Minnesota

August 05, 2010 Blog
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