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Watergate Felon and Anti-Gay Crusader Chuck Colson Dies at 80

From the Los Angeles Times: Watergate felon and prison reformer Charles W. Colson, who died Saturday at age 80 in northern Virginia, was two people.

April 21, 2012 Blog

Anti-Gay Activist/Watergate Felon Chuck Colson Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

Joe points out in reporting this that it’s always good to remember that our opponents are always mining our comments sections looking for things to

April 04, 2012 Blog

Felon Writes Anti-Gay Words

Oh, let’s check in with old Chuck Colson, for funsies: Certainly our freedom of religion can’t be trumped by the right “to love the way

January 17, 2012 Blog

Felon Chuck Colson: Gays Are Controlling Our Thoughts!

Earlier today I posted a long quote from Kathy Baldock, an Evangelical Christian, about how the supposed “persecution” of Christians in this country simply doesn’t

December 09, 2011 Blog

More Wingnuts Upset About Gayness of ‘Glee’

Complain, complain, complain: “This is Ryan Murphy’s (creator of “Glee”) latest depraved initiative to promote his gay agenda,” Dan Gainor, vice president for Business and

April 28, 2011 Blog

Social Conservatives Want To Dictate to Business What Products They Can Sell

If you are a business owner, beware. Social conservatives want to tell you what products you can sell and what ideas you must disseminate, whether

March 24, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Jesus and the Son of Scam

(Weekly Column) If one ever completely screws up his or her life and wants “redemption”, there are two courses of action. The first is a

July 13, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Conservatives of Convenience

(Weekly Column) A February 2008 poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 16 percent of America’s 225 million adults are

December 15, 2009 Blog, Opinion

TWO Declares “Manhattan Declaration’ is Bigoted, Lawless and a Danger to American Values

Religious Activists Claim to be Above the Law and Express Desire to Force All Americans To Obey Sectarian Church Rules, Says TWO NEW YORK —

November 20, 2009 Press Release

TWO Fights Back Against Lie Campaign With Hard-Hitting Full Page Ad In The Salt Lake Tribune

Contact: Wayne Besen Phone: 917-691-5118 E-Mail: Web: “We Refuse To Allow Anti-Gay Activists To Rewrite History and Pose As Beacons of Religious Tolerance,’

December 10, 2008 Press Release
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