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A Must Watch Video For Gay Christians, Their Families and Friends

And also for anyone out there who knows a gay kid whose Christian parents don’t accept them, and so on and so forth… This is

March 28, 2012 Blog

Jimmy Carter on Marriage Equality

Here’s Jimmy Carter’s religious argument in support of marriage equality, and it’s funny — it’s exactly what gay activists have been fighting for: Homosexuality was well

March 19, 2012 Blog

Miley Cyrus on Marriage Equality and Christianity

She writes for Glamour: Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for but couldn’t marry.

February 03, 2012 Blog

QOTD, Re: The Supposed “Persecution” of Christians

Kathy Baldock, Evangelical Christian and fierce ally and advocate for LGBT equality: I am growing weary of the Christian community saying our faith is being

December 09, 2011 Blog

Pat Robertson Trembling About God’s Opinion on Obama’s International Human Rights Policies

Dear Pat: We know you are teetering on the brink of total irrelevancy and that your mind doesn’t seem to be what it once was

December 07, 2011 Blog

John Shore Responds to Jonah Mowry’s Video

The other day a video from a young kid named Jonah Mowry, where he told the story of the relentless bullying he experiences on a

December 05, 2011 Blog

Timothy Kincaid’s Open Letter to Exodus

In light of news suggesting that Exodus is discussing its reorganization, Box Turtle Bulletin’s Timothy Kincaid wrote this open letter to its director, Alan Chambers,

December 05, 2011 Blog

Cake Baking Lady Does Not Like Lukewarm Gay Cake, Prefers Hot Straight Cake

Somehow the story of Victoria Childress, the Iowan cake baking lady whose cake baking skills play second fiddle to her devotion to her religious bigotry

November 22, 2011 Blog

Michigan Pastor Fighting for LGBT Protections in Tourist-Dependent Town of Holland

Holland, Michigan, a conservative tourist town best known for its popular May tulip festival*, is now gaining a different kind of fame. NPR reports that

November 08, 2011 Blog

Kathy Baldock Reviews Bigot Michael Brown’s Book

And she does it on YouTube! Enjoy, as Kathy is fierce

October 19, 2011 Blog
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