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Billy Graham’s Anti-Gay Legacy

For those looking into the history of Billy Graham’s unbiblical and un-Baptist views on LGBT rights… One wonders how [Roger] Williams—the founder of the Baptist

January 23, 2013 Opinion

UMC Creating Trans Friendly Spaces in the Greater Chicago area

  Much of the media buzz after the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) quadrennial General Conference (May 2012) focused on the UMC vote of 39% to

December 13, 2012 News

Voice of Reason: African-American Pastor Supports Maryland’s Gay Marriage Bill

The Reverend Delman Coates heads a black church in Prince George County, and in stark opposition to many other African-American clergy, he supports marriage equality.

February 21, 2012 Blog

Box Turtle’s Rob Tisinai to Take the Demon Test

Rob Tisinai of Box Turtle Bulletin has happened upon an interesting online service being offered by one Reverend Bob Larson: a Demon Test®. For $9.95, you can

January 03, 2012 Blog

Updated: Lisa Ling Takes Another Shot at the ‘Ex-Gay’ Thing…

Update: I thought Lisa Ling did a better job last night — and it was good to see a reporter follow-up on the “ex-gay” myth.

March 29, 2011 Blog

Janet Boynes Ministries Is a Big Gay Joke

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Janet Boynes is an avowed “ex-lesbian” running a ministry in Minneapolis. She is

March 10, 2011 Blog, Press Release

No Special Right To Discriminate For Hastings College Christian Group

The New York Times: A federal appeals court has shot down another attempt by a Christian student group to force a California law school to

November 18, 2010 Blog

Old Spice Man of the Year Is Some Model of Manliness

In a way, you have to feel for Old Spice. A recent effort meant to reinforce the Procter and Gamble men’s product line’s ruggedly macho

December 17, 2008 Blog

Exodus International Is Sad

In a Nov. 26 press release, ex-gay ministry network Exodus International says it’s “disappointed” and “saddened” that matchmaking company eHarmony is launching a dating site

December 08, 2008 Blog

GOP Pundit: ‘Armband religion is killing the Republican Party’

Armband religion is practiced by people who wear “faith” on their sleeve, for the world to see, and not in their hearts. The Washington Post

November 20, 2008 Blog
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