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Charles Socarides

TWO Editorial: It is Time to Ban Reparative Therapy

Reparative therapy, which seeks to “cure” homosexuality, is a destructive form of consumer fraud, where avaricious practitioners try to profit off their victims by instilling

May 15, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Mike Wallace and ‘The Homosexuals’! I am a fan of the late Mike Wallace and am very sad that he has passed away. I have always enjoyed his reports

April 09, 2012 Blog

The New Yorker Unmasks The Tea Party as a Plaything For Billionaire Brothers

If you care about the future of the United States of America, you will read this story in the New Yorker, “Covert Operations”. It chronicles

August 26, 2010 Blog

Salt Lake Tribune: Psychologist Says Research Distorted by NARTH

Group espousing treatment of gays cites her work By Brian Maffly The Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake Tribune A national group that advocates “treatment” of

November 12, 2008 Press Release
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