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CBN Commentator Argues Gays And Radical Islamists Are Working Together To Destroy America And Jesus

To his credit, he acknowledges that his conspiracy theory (which he believes) is insane

September 17, 2013 News

CBN Confused Over Carrie Underwood’s Support for Marriage Equality

Wait, what does Carrie mean when she says that her Christian faith informs her support for marriage equality? Aren’t good Christians supposed to love everybody

June 14, 2012 Blog

World Magazine “Christian Hero of the Year” Is Still Into Dudes, As Far As We Know

I wrote about this when it happened a few weeks ago, but here is CBN reporting on Exodus’ Alan Chambers being named World magazine’s “Daniel

January 02, 2012 Blog

Another Day, More Wingnuts Freaking Out About Glee

It’s truly terrible, a television show that features the message that gays aren’t going to hell, and actually are normal people.  That really interferes with

August 25, 2011 Blog

Known Oracle Pat Robertson Delivers His Annual Prophecies

His track record is so good, doncha know. So here we go, let’s watch the aging religious leader tell the teevee what God telepathically communicated

January 03, 2011 Blog

Maggie on CBN

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video I had some commentary on her tacky sweatsuit. But, due to disagreements on

December 10, 2010 Blog

The 700 Club Loves Andrew Marin

Speaks volumes, I think.  And it leads me to believe that the fundies know/understand something that Marin’s water-carriers in the gay Christian community don’t. Guess

August 20, 2010 Blog

From Ex-Gays to Ex-Muslims – The Miracles Continue!

(Amazing Grace: Muslim Is Blind And Now She Sees – Thanks to Jesus) Apparently, so-called “ex-gays” are not enough to satisfy right wing extremists. According

April 21, 2010 Blog
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