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Catholics For Equality Speaks Out Against Church’s Support for Reparative Therapy

Just got this press release from Catholics for Equality: WASHINGTON – Catholics for Equality, a national political group of Catholics who support full civil equality

January 21, 2011 Blog

Pope Says Back in the Good Old Days, Child Rape Was Not So Bad

Gather ’round, children, and listen to a tale of the Good Old Days, as told by Pope Benedict nee Ratzinger. He’s a Man of God,

December 29, 2010 Blog

41% of Catholic Colleges, 100% of Jesuit Colleges, Have LGBT Groups/Centers

This is progress!  Of course, I got the news from some Catholic site that’s bellyaching about it: “When Catholic students enroll at Catholic universities, their

December 15, 2010 Blog

Catholic Mother, Grandmother and LGBT Advocate Speaks Out to Bishops on Gay Youth

This is a supremely cool video, and it happens to have been made by a friend of mine. Though we in the LGBT community run

November 29, 2010 Blog

Minnesota Catholics Getting Special DVD About Hating Gays From Bishops

Check your mailboxes later this week, Minnesota Catholics, because your bishops are sending you a very special present! More than 400,000 DVDs are being mailed

September 22, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Sharon Jones edition]

What can be said about this week that doesn’t involve either Christine O’Donnell or Lady Gaga?  Very little, so let’s not try. Lady Gaga went

September 17, 2010 Blog

A List of Hitler’s ‘Atheist Comments’, For Bill Donohue

PZ Myers reposted a long, long list of quotes from Adolf Hitler, who Bill Donohue stupidly thinks was an atheist. Here are a couple of

September 17, 2010 Blog

Apropos of Nothing, Bill Donohue Calls on Atheists to Apologize for Hitler [UPDATED]

Um, Bill, weren’t there a hell of a lot of Catholics complicit in Hitlers crimes?  And isn’t it stretching the truth beyond recognition to call

September 17, 2010 Blog

Catholic High School Kids Rally To Support Ousted Lesbian Dean

This video is why our anti-gay opponents should be (and are, by their increasingly hysterical behavior) panicked.  In case any missed this story, Christine Judd

September 07, 2010 Blog

“Catholic Priest Sex Scandal Mysteriously Does Not Involve Child Molestation”

In case you have not been made aware, I’m contributing here and there to a little website called Wonkette, and that is the title of

July 07, 2010 Blog
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