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Buster Wilson

Buster Wilson’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True

His nightmare is actually a pretty good dream for fair-minded Americans

April 30, 2013 Opinion

Here Is Lawrence O’Donnell Making Fun Of The AFA’s Buster Wilson

The other day, Buster Wilson of the American Family Association hate group went on the radio and mused about boycotting Google, due to its support

July 12, 2012 Blog

American Family Association Thinking About Boycotting Google

Look, guys: we already know you all aren’t really fans of searching the internet for knowledge, so I can’t imagine how difficult it would be

July 10, 2012 Blog

Bryan Fischer: You Can’t Reason With The Depraved Gays At Truth Wins Out

It’s Friday, so let me tell you all a funny story. The other day, I posted a clip from Right Wing Watch of Buster Wilson,

June 15, 2012 Blog

Hate Group Suggests DADT Repeal Led To Increased Suicides Among Troops

The American Right has a certain love/utter contempt relationship with the military, specifically as it pertains to our troops and veterans. On a meta scale,

June 13, 2012 Blog
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