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Brazilians Protest Proposed ‘Gay Cure’ Law

The law would remove a longstanding ban on fraudulent "ex-gay" therapy in Brazil

June 24, 2013 News

The Disturbing Rise of ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs in South America

Edge Boston reporter, Peter Cassels, wrote an excellent story today detailing the rise of “ex-gay” clinics in South America. According to his thorough and informative

February 21, 2012 Blog

Homophobia: A Mark of Loser Nations

(Weekly Column) I knew Russia was likely to embrace homophobia the moment I read that approximately 1.25 million Russians have emigrated from the nation in

November 29, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Brazilian Former Ex-Gay Leader Calls His Past “Existential Castration”

Sergio Viula was a leading purveyor of evangelical ex-gay treatments in Brazil, but has now left all that behind, referring to it as “brainwashing” in

November 15, 2011 Blog

Civil Unions for Brazil!

This happened last night, so you probably already know, but… Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday to recognize same-sex civil unions as a “family

May 06, 2011 Blog

Exodus Exec Puts Foot in Mouth over Gay Pride

Gay journalist Chris Crain‘s blog observed last month that in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s gay pride parade has been ruined by an annual onslaught

June 08, 2008 Blog
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