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Jon Stewart Rips Chick-Fil-A and the Boy Scouts to Shreds

“America’s gayest organization,” meet the CEO of a corporation who, in Stewart’s words, is being such an @$$hole that not even Boston will tolerate it.

July 26, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Begs Ernst & Young CEO to Notice Him

Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley is on the executive board of the Boy Scouts, and he’s the one who’s trying to encourage them, from

June 28, 2012 Blog

Eagle Scout Hands In His Award Over Boy Scouts’ Anti-Gay Policies

I was  never a Boy Scout growing up, but I remember that, for those who were, attaining the rank of Eagle was a high honor,

June 18, 2012 Blog

Zach Wahls Speaks About His Boy Scouts Campaign

Zach Wahls has launched an effort to make the Boy Scouts inclusive of gay people, and here, he talks to Zack Ford of Think Progress

June 08, 2012 Blog

James Beard Foundation to Boy Scouts: You Can Keep Your Award, And Your Bigotry Too!

This, people, is what integrity looks like. The James Beard Foundation received an award from the Boy Scouts of America, which troubled Michelangelo Signorile, due

April 23, 2012 Blog

Losing Republican Arizona Candidate Reacts By Lashing Out Against Gay Boy Scouts

Because it’s the end of the week and because the answer to the question, “What on earth is wrong with wingnuts?” is always basically the

November 11, 2011 Blog

Dallas: Gay Dad Of Cub Scout Can’t Be Pack Leader

He can make popcorn for the kids though. Presumably you can’t taint popcorn with The Gayness: A University Park father learned this week that he

October 18, 2010 Blog

Bigotry, Sex Scandals Deplete Boy Scout Ranks on 100th Anniversary

A few years ago, the Supreme Court decided that the Boy Scouts of America had the right to discriminate against LGBT kids. Congratulations, Boy Scouts!!

July 31, 2010 Blog
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