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Comparing The Boy Scouts To The New Weird Wingnut Scouting Organization

New organization gives your son an opportunity to spend time with some of the most bizarre men in the

July 30, 2013 News

Here Is Pat Robertson Saying ‘Do Sex To Each Other’

The gays are destroying the Boy Scouts just because of the way a few people want to "do sex to each other."

June 11, 2013 News

Here’s One Family That’s Still Staying Away From Scouting

Yesterday's decision isn't enough for a young boy with two gay aunts

May 24, 2013 Opinion

Hate Group Leaders React To The Boy Scouts Decision

The Boy Scouts' current decision isn't great, but it's eliciting much bellyaching from the Religious Right

May 24, 2013 Opinion

Dr. Phil Tweets Support For Allowing Gays In The Boy Scouts

Delegates from the Boy Scouts of America vote tomorrow on whether to lift the ban on openly gay Boy Scouts

May 22, 2013 News

On Scouting And Other Issues, The Religious Right Only Cares About Their Own Religious Freedom

The Religious Right aren't the only ones who act based on their sincerely held religious beliefs

May 07, 2013 Opinion

Family Research Council Hate-Cast On Boy Scouts Asserts That Gays Are ‘Unclean’

Also, gays are going to come on to all the straight scouts, even the unattractive ones

May 06, 2013 Poll

Boy Scouts May Allow Openly Gay Members

No word on allowing gay leaders, but a step in the right direction

April 19, 2013 News

Obama Tells The Boy Scouts To Open Up Scouting For Gay People; Texas Gov. Rick Perry Is Against Gay Scouts

The President continues to use his bully pulpit to promote equality. This time, he tells the Boy Scouts to be open and inclusive

February 04, 2013 News

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Hurls Antigay Slurs at Puppets

What a sad life this man leads. There was a time when Matt Barber had a career with Allstate. Now he’s just on wingnut welfare

July 31, 2012 Blog
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