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MN Football Star Chris Kluwe Defends Mom of Gay Son Against Homophobic Archbishop

Chris Kluwe, amazing straight ally of the LGBT community and outspoken marriage equality advocate, smacks down a homophobic Catholic archbishop

October 10, 2012 Blog


The current French government is set to give same-sex couples access to civil marriage.  This has made Pope Benedict unhappy… Benedict XVI for gay marriage

October 01, 2012 Blog

Draft of French Marriage Equality Law Removes Gender-Specific Language

The draft text of France's forthcoming marriage equality law removes all gender-specific language in French civil law so as not to show a bias against

September 25, 2012 Blog

The Pope Has a Fragrance But You Can’t Have It!

Nanna, nanna, boo boo? So Pope Benedict XVI — the same pope who just last week endorsed the U.S. bishops’ anti-gay bullying — is apparently quite

March 15, 2012 Blog

U.S. Catholic Church’s Chief Homophobe Gets Promotion

Some things never change. One of the unshakable axioms of the Catholic church is that bishops who toe the line get promoted. This morning, the

January 06, 2012 Blog
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