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UPDATED: Lessons of Hate at Islamic Schools in Britain

Interesting article in The New York Times: A British network of more than 40 part-time Islamic schools and clubs with 5,000 students has been teaching

November 26, 2010 Blog

John Barrowman’s Brain Scans Reveal His Gayness

Gay actor John Barrowman submitted himself to brain scans to gauge his brain activity for signs of arousal, when shown pictures of nude men and nude

September 02, 2010 Blog

Radical Israeli Rabbi Calls On God To Strike Down Palestinian Leader With Plague

According to the BBC, a senior rabbi from a party within Israel’s coalition government has called for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to “vanish from our

August 30, 2010 Blog

BBC’s Idiotic Polling Question

Should Uganda debate gay execution? Should homosexuals face execution? Yes, we accept it is a stark and disturbing question. But this is the reality behind

December 16, 2009 Blog
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