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Alan Colmes Wipes Floor With Porno Pete

Porno Pete should stick to talking to his own cohort

January 08, 2014 News

TWO’s Wayne Besen Debating NARTH’s David Pickup Tonight on Alan Colmes Show

This just in: TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen will be debating “ex-gay” therapist and NARTH spokesman David Pickup tonight on Alan Colmes‘ radio show at

October 09, 2012 Blog

A Fitting Tribute To Christopher Hitchens

Just watch this old clip from Hannity & Colmes, featuring Hitch and Ralph Reed. Hannity and Reed did not fare well. [h/t Blue Texan

December 16, 2011 Blog

Alan Colmes Interviews Matt Barber, Uses Barber As Chew Toy

And it was a beautiful thing. Alan Colmes took Matt Barber to task on his show for his ignorant contention that healthcare reform is a

April 19, 2010 Blog

Scott Lively: Uganda Bill Is “A Step in the Right Direction”

Throughout the controversy over Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” legislation, religious leaders who have played key roles in Uganda have, for the most part, been eventually

January 05, 2010 Blog

Exodus’ Mike Ensley Unprepared For Alan Colmes Radio Show Debate

(Ensley, left, Doesn’t Read Exodus’ Website) Poor Mike Ensley. Next time he debates in a mainstream venue he needs to read the Exodus website. He

May 23, 2008 Blog
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