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Campus Crusade For Christ ‘Pamoja 3’ Conference Incites Hatred Against LGBT Community In Africa

High-ranking Campus Crusade officials led conference encouraging Africa to become a "graveyard for homosexuality."

May 20, 2013 News, Press Release

New Report Details Religious Right’s Neo-Colonial Activities in Africa

(Hey look, a story that isn’t about cheaply made fast food!) A new report has come out detailing the activities of the Religious Right in

July 26, 2012 Blog

Archbishop of Canterbury: LGBT Rights Risk “Fragmenting” Society

Retiring Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams told an audience of Welsh teenagers yesterday that fixating on pesky things like, say, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and

March 28, 2012 Blog

Bryan Fischer Doubles Down on his AIDS Denialism

You see, if gay guys stop having sex and using poppers, all the AIDS will go away. Because that’s the problem with sub-Saharan Africa. It

January 19, 2012 Blog

Concerned Women for America Concern Trolling About Ellen DeGeneres

Janice Shaw Crouse of the Concerned Women for America is very concerned! You see, the Obama administration is upping its contributions in the fight against

November 14, 2011 Blog

Sad State of Affairs in Africa

Ian Ollis, a member of the South African parliament, paints a sobering picture of LGBTQs’ legal and cultural status on the African continent. Recall that

September 13, 2011 Blog

Useful Information: Legality Around The World

Check out this interactive world map on the home page of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association. It allows you to choose

September 07, 2011 Blog

Gay Ugandan Refugee Tells What It Was Like

Because Christian pastors had put his name onto a public blacklist, gay gospel singer Daniel Dyson fled the violently homophobic Uganda for the Bay Area.

September 07, 2011 Blog

More Homophobia in Ghana

As if they suspect that their efforts to pray gay people straight won’t suffice, Christians are now demonstrating against homosexuality in Ghana. Excuse me–“gayism.” Sigh.

August 30, 2011 Blog

Praying Away the Gay in West Africa

As we fight this particular culture war here in the US, let’s not forget things are as bad or worse elsewhere. Uganda’s persecution of gays

August 23, 2011 Blog
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