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Russians Pass Laws Criminalizing “Gay Propaganda”

According to, two Russian oblasts (provinces) now outlaw “gay propaganda,” St. Petersburg and Moscow are considering doing so, and soon criminal prosecution of such

November 22, 2011 Blog

A Moment to Recognize Christina Santiago

I first saw this story last night, of a tragic event at the Indiana State Fair where, just before the scheduled beginning of a Sugarland

August 17, 2011 Blog

Look at Pam Spaulding in ‘Interview’ Magazine!

She looks fabulous! Hop over to The Blend where Pam will explain what this is all about

November 08, 2010 Blog

Lady Gaga Gets People Motivated to End DADT

Ya know… This is kind of impressive.  People who have never called their Senators before, calling and encouraging them to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,

September 16, 2010 Blog

On the Spot

This morning I lost my virginity… my TV interview virginity, that is. Those who know me, know me as a fairly quiet person, so the

January 21, 2010 Blog
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