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Pat Robertson Compares Transgender People To His Castrated Horse

Also, sometimes stuff in your house is possessed by demons, which is unfortunate

October 09, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Is The New Slayer

Move over, Buffy. He’s got the demons and the vampires taken care of. Also, the feng shui and the kids who take karate lessons, by which

April 10, 2012 Blog

Gayness Related to Demonic Possession, Says Pat Robertson

Here’s a new argument. Sometimes when you write about gay issues every day, especially as they relate to Religious Right bigotry, you experience quite a

March 26, 2012 Blog

Pat Robertson Worried United States Will Become “Atheist Dictatorship”

Uh. Thanks, Right Wing Watch, for looking at the 700 Club television program so we don’t have to

February 22, 2012 Blog

Pat Robertson Has Funny Temper Tantrum Over DOMA

Earth to Pat:  the majority of Americans are against DOMA.  Stop listening to the “Americans” in your head. Anyway, this video is funny. [h/t Joe

April 27, 2011 Blog

Texas Fool Board

(Weekly Column) Last week, the Texas Board of Education voted 10-5, along party lines, to replace history textbooks with right wing political propaganda. The vote

March 16, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Pat Robertson Finds Out About “The Downlow” Approximately a Century After Everybody Else

This is the funniest, campiest 700 Club clip I’ve ever seen. The melancholy music. The close-up shots of the little boy wearing high heel shoes.

February 27, 2010 Blog

There is No Tea Party – It is Really the Great Tea Purge of Republican Moderates

The more I read about the Tea Party, the more it becomes vividly clear that this is nothing more than a Great Tea Purge of

January 23, 2010 Blog, Opinion
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