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Religious Conservatives Come Back From Anti-Gay Hunt With Head Of Richard Grenell

Same old story. The Romney campaign hired Richard Grenell as a foreign policy spokesperson. Grenell is a wingnut who thinks John Bolton has good ideas.

May 01, 2012 Blog

So Long, Santorum

Don’t let the door hit you… Now we get to watch the Republicans throw up in their mouths a little bit as they wrap their

April 10, 2012 Blog

Gross, Ann Romney!

Cannot be unread/heard/seen: Ann Romney, asked in an interview Monday if she has to defend her husband against charges that he is too “stiff,” responded,

April 02, 2012 Blog

Why Evangelicals Still Hate Mitt Romney

Without further ado, it’s another edition of What Amanda Marcotte Said: Even though I suspect the base knows that Romney will owe them if he

March 26, 2012 Blog

Santorum Thinks Kids of Criminals Better Off Than Kids of Gay Parents

Rick Santorum’s absurd bigotry knows no bounds, and is almost as offensive as the fact that he thinks he’s smart: Speaking at a boarding school

January 09, 2012 Blog

Frothy Mix Doesn’t Think He Talks About Gays Constantly

This, from the man who can’t seem to go five minutes in public without making all kinds of noise about how much he hates gay

January 05, 2012 Blog

Santorum Surges In Polls As Entire Duggar Family Endorses Him

There goes the presidential race: Reality TV star Jim Bob Duggar, from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, endorsed Rick Santorum today at a rally in

January 02, 2012 Blog

Have You Ever Thrown a Fistful of Glitter All Over Santorum?

The longer Santorum is surging, the longer we’re going to be able to make these jokes that actually write themselves: Surging in the polls, GOP

January 02, 2012 Blog

Fox News Super-Excited About Surging Santorum

The jokes just keep on comin’. I wish this could all mean Santorum would somehow surge enough to become the 2012 candidate, as that would

December 30, 2011 Blog

Newt’s First Wife Just Wasn’t Hot Enough To Be First Lady

It’s widely known that Newt Gingrich’s history of it being All About Him and his ambitions goes back a long way, but this news is

December 27, 2011 Blog
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