Exodus promotes “spiritual warfare,” believing that, in some cases, homosexuality is demonic. One of Exodus International’ most celebrated leaders is Andy Comiskey of Desert Stream ministries. In his book “Pursuing Sexual Wholeness,” he calls homosexuality “spiritual disfigurement” and believes that “Satan delights in homosexual perversion because it not only exists outside of marriage, but it also defiles God’ very image reflected as male and female…Another related source of demonization is the homosexual relationship itself…That attachment and communion are indeed inspired, but their source is demonic.”

Exodus also sells Jeanette Howard’ book, “Out of Egypt: One Woman’ Journey Out of Lesbianism.” In her book she writes, “Choosing to leave the lesbian life brings us into direct conflict with the satanic realm….only when we understand and implement spiritual warfare can our walk into wholeness be successful.”

Exodus leader, Alan Chambers, has also promoted spiritual warfare saying in a 2005 Exodus Newsletter, “One of the many evils this world has to offer is the sin of homosexuality. Satan, the enemy, is using people to further his agenda to destroy the Kingdom of God and as many souls as he can.”

At the “Family Impact Summit,” a right wing conference in Brandon, Florida held on Sept. 21, 2007, Chambers told the crowd of social conservatives, “We have to stand up against an evil agenda. It is an evil agenda and it will take anyone captive that is willing, or that is standing idly by.”

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Clint Trout survived the “ex-gay” ministries. He attended several Exodus Internationals ministries – including a few that offered live exorcisms to rid clients of the “demon of homosexuality.” Other groups offered “laughing therapy” – which is demonstrated on this video. The “ex-gay” trap was a drain that “ate Clint’s life for 13 years.” In fact, it stopped him from achieving his goals and dreams.