Write a letter to the editor: If your local newspaper writes a story on ex-gay ministries, hold them accountable for fair and accurate coverage. TWO can help you craft an effective letter to your newspaper’ editor that will ensure correct information reaches your local community.

Write an op-ed: If an ex-gay event is scheduled to visit your town, TWO can help you write and place a successful op-ed. This will help ensure the public hears our message, as well as understands that the ex-gay myth is based on discredited research and disinformation.

Editorial board meeting: In some cases, it may be necessary to meet with the editors of your local newspaper or news directors of your community television or radio stations. If a high profile ex-gay symposium is coming to your town, a preemptive meeting with these individuals can help ensure they are informed on the latest research and equipped to appropriately cover the upcoming event. Our opposition thrives on ignorance and by educating the media, you can put ex-gay programs at a decisive disadvantage. TWO can assist you with setting up and effectively conducting editorial board meetings.

Blog: If you are a blogger, consider investigating and writing about your local ex-gay organization and educate people about how these groups do harm to desperate and vulnerable clients — particularly young people.