Alvin McEwen has an important new booklet that highlights the grotesque anti-gay propaganda that comes from the Religious Right. Here is the critical message of his important work:

What needs to be taken away from this booklet is that religious right propaganda about the gay community is just that –propaganda. It is neither rooted in fact nor Biblical faith. The vile accusations that so-called family-oriented groups lodgeagainst the gay community are no different than those lodged against African-Americans by white supremacists groups or accusations lodged against the Jewish community by anti-Semitic groups. They are all preconceived notions rooted in fear and lies. The only difference being that anti-gay propaganda is sometimes mistaken as “personal deeply held religious beliefs” and expressions of the Christian faith.

I highly recommend that our readers take a look at Alvin’s impressive work. We can only hope the media will pay attention too.