Paul Cameron on the Daily Show

In the segment, Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones interviews Paul Cameron of the Illinois Family Institute. Cameron, a staunch opponent of gays and lesbians serving in the military responded "yes" to a statement by Jones that implied it is better to be killed in a terrorist attack than to share a shower with a gay man. Cameron also maintained that "a large proportion of male homosexuals enjoy drinking each other’s urine." – Sept. 18, 2006


Society vs Homosexuality – Exodus International

"My Exodus From Exodus" – a film by Dan Rickard about his time spent in Exodus International.


Richard Cohen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

‘Ex-Gay’ therapist Richard Cohen appears alongside George Foreman on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Cohen believes gays can be turned straight through therapy.


Richard Cohen on CNN

‘Ex-Gay’ therapist Richard Cohen claims to be able to turn gay men straight through “reparative therapy”. Paula Zahn interviewed him for CNN in May 2006.


Gay Youth – New Day Films

The Ointment – Huffington Post

Fish Can't Fly: True Stories of Former Ex-Gays
Former Exgays:
Fish Can’t Fly