Thursday, April 8, 2021

TWO Calls on the FBI to Arrest Jewish Press Editor for Storming U.S. Capitol

Elliot Resnick Should be in Prison for Taking Part in Insurrection

PHILADELPHIA – We already knew that Elliot Resnick, chief editor of the Jewish Press, was an unreconstructed racist and homophobe. What we didn’t know, until today, that he is also an insurrectionist. He secretly participated in the rabid mob that stormed Capitol Hill on January 6 in a failed effort to stop Joe Biden from becoming president. Politico reporter Kyle Cheney unmasked the seditionist today, showing video footage of a trespassing Resnick standing inside the capitol while a rioter verbally abused a police officer.

“We call on the FBI to immediately arrest Elliot Resnick for his role in disrupting democracy,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “He is a radical, political extremist who remains a threat to our nation every moment he remains free. The evidence of his participation in the invasion is incontrovertible. He should be locked up until he has paid his debt to society and is no longer deemed a menace.”

Resnick’s actions were bizarre considering the large white supremacist contingent, including Robert Packer, who gained infamy for wearing his “Camp Auschwitz” T-Shirt to the attempted coup. Jewish Press publisher Naomi Mauer responded to the article by saying, “As we understand the facts, we believe that Mr. Resnick acted within the law.”

“Considering Resnick was obviously trespassing, Ms. Mauer’s understanding of the law leaves something to be desired,” remarked TWO’s Wayne Besen.

Resnick might be tempted to pretend he was on the scene as a journalist. But as Politico points out, “Neither Resnick nor the Jewish Press hold a congressional hard pass, a requirement for journalists who file regular reports from the Capitol.”

In July 2019, Truth Wins Out called on the Jewish Press to fire Resnick. We warned about his behavior, and at the time wrote, “Elliot Resnick’s backward and hateful views are a total disgrace… and a stunning betrayal of Jewish and American values. He is uniquely unfit and unqualified to edit the Jewish Press and must be terminated immediately.” The newspaper chose not to take our advice, and now their operation is run by a radical who participated in an insurrection. More than 300 people have been arrested and charged for participating in the assault on the U.S. Capitol. In our view, Elliot Resnick should be next on the list.

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