CHICAGO – As a new report from the Center Against Religious Extremism reveals, from 1992-1997 American evangelical groups leading the U.S. domestic fight against LGBT rights also indoctrinated millions of children in the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, through public schools, using a curriculum which promoted the divinity of Jesus and taught that the Bible is literally true and historically accurate.

With the passage of draconian new anti-LGBT rights laws in Russia, investigative reports from liberal U.S. media, notably Mother Jones and The Nation, have exposed the role of the American religious right in cheerleading for the repressive new laws and even helping write them.

But as TWOCARE researcher Bruce Wilson’s report, How Antigay American Fundamentalists Indoctrinated Russia’s School Children, 1992-1997, describes, evangelizing in Russia and the former Soviet Union by groups such as Campus Crusade — currently implicated in inciting anti-gay hatred across Africa — began over three decades ago.

The report exposes that top ministries in the indoctrination effort, known as “The CoMission”, participated in a theocratic political front which seeks to impose biblical law in every sphere of society. Funding for many of the groups participating in The CoMission came from The Gathering and the National Christian Foundation, covered in the inaugural April 30, 2014 report from the Center Against Religious Extremism, The Gathering: The Religious Right’s Cash Cow.

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