TWO Calls Robertson an Ignoramus with a Child’s Understanding of Christianity

Truth Wins Out took issue today with Duck Dynasty reality television actor Phil Robertson’s latest anti-gay rant, where he suggested that Jesus would heal LGBT people if they just “prayed away the robertsongay.” Robertson’s made his ignorant and unchristian remarks on Sunday to a Bible study group at his hometown church in West Monroe, La. According to Robertson: “Jesus will take sins away, if you’re a homosexual he’ll take it away, if you’re an adulterer, if you’re a liar, what’s the difference? If we lose our morality, we lose our country.”

“The ‘ex-gay’ myth is an experiment that has failed and caused great destruction,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “While Robertson blithely spews a simpleton’s version of Christianity, he seems oblivious to the lives he will ruin with his false rhetoric. Pressuring gay people into heterosexual relationships doesn’t work. It only leads to shattered lives, divorces, and creating broken homes for children. What he claims to be ‘morality’ is simply malice that is the antithesis of the family values he claims to represent.”

The NALT Christians Project spoke out last Friday about Robertson’s hateful rhetoric that he made in the name of religion.

“Millions of Christians around the world affirm the dignity and equality of LGBT people, and their voices go unheard when public figures like Phil Robertson and his supporters in the right-wing media claim that their discriminatory beliefs represent Christianity. As the NALT Christians Project and a growing grassroots movement of loving, supportive Christians shows, this is not the case.”

The following remarks appears in Robertson’s sermon:

“We murder each other, and we steal from one another, sex and immorality goes ballistic,” he said. “All the diseases that just so happened to follow sexual mischief …boy there are some microbes running around now.”

He continued: “Sexual sins are numerous and many. I have a few myself. So what is your safest course of action? If you’re a man, find yourself a woman, marry them and keep your sex right there.”

“Common sense says we are not going to procreate the human race unless we have a man and a woman,” he told the class.

Robertson said that over the last 2000 years, “the sins are the same” and “humans haven’t changed.”

“We get high, we get drunk, we get laid, we steal and kill,” he stated. “Has this changed at all from the time God burnt up whole cities because their every thought was evil?”

Robertson urged homosexuals to turn to Jesus, saying, “Jesus will take sins away, if you’re a homosexual he’ll take it away, if you’re an adulterer, if you’re a liar, what’s the difference? If we lose our morality, we lose our country.”

Robertson also defended his own intelligence, saying, “I am not uneducated. I have a degree from Louisiana Tech. But this week I have been called an ignoramus.”

“If Phil Robertson doesn’t want to be portrayed as an ignoramus, he should stop sounding like one,” said TWO’s Besen. “He is an embarrassment to his faith and is disingenuously couching hateful remarks as religious speech.”

Truth Wins Out (TWO) is a non-profit organization that works to demolish the very foundation of anti-gay prejudice. Our philosophy is simple: We attack the underpinnings of homophobia by debunking harmful lies, discrediting hateful myths, and countering anti-gay organizations. By chipping away at the underlying ignorance that fuels anti-LGBT attitudes, we can ultimately win our fight for fairness and achieve full equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people worldwide.