One can’t be an official “ex-gay” rock star until wedding bells ring. Apparently, this happened for publicity hound Michael Glatze, who married his prop, er bride, Rebekah, on October 26. Here are the wedding photographs of Glatze in fundie drag. The victim is attractive and seems rather sweet. I hope she knows what she’s getting into.



Mr. Glatze worked for XY Magazine and was the co-founder of a short-lived LGBT teenie-bopper mag, Young Gay America. Suddenly, he broke up with his boyfriend and had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown, where he had severe panic attacks about dying. During these disturbing episodes, he renounced his sexual orientation and temporarily converted to Mormonism. Though he had dived into the Mormon faith with gusto, he just as quixotically abandoned this faith to become an outspoken fundamentalist Christian. According to the New York Times magazine:

Michael didn’t begin to question his life path, he told me, until a health scare in 2004 that led to what he calls his “spiritual awakening.” That year, when Michael was 29, he experienced a series of heart palpitations and became convinced that he suffered from the same congenital heart defect that killed his father when Michael was 13. (Michael lost both his parents young; his mother died of breast cancer when he was 19.) After tests eventually ruled out his father’s illness, Michael felt that he had escaped death and found himself staring “into the face of God.” In a published interview with Joseph Nicolosi, a leader in the controversial field of reparative therapy, which seeks to help people overcome unwanted homosexual attractions, Michael said that he became “born again” in that moment and that “every concept that my mind had ever entertained — my whole existence — was completely re-evaluated.”

It did not take long for Glatze to opportunistically angle to become an “ex-gay” poster boy. He began writing incendiary op-eds for World Net Daily where he claimed to be “repulsed by homosexuality.” He appeared on Porno Pete LaBarbera’s radio show.  However, his time on the “ex-gay” circuit was short-lived and he proved to be an incompetent spokesperson. His columns were so beyond the pale, that he alienated long-time “ex-gay” activists.

Eventually, Glatze was drummed out of the “ex-gay” industry after a meltdown. His demise came after he wrote a racist rant against president Barack Obama on his blog.

“Have I mentioned lately how utterly *disgusting* Obama is? And, yes, it’ because he’ black. God, help us all,” wrote Glatze.

On Nov. 20, 2009, Glatze  sent out a bizarre e-mail saying that he would no longer be a spokesperson. According to Glatze’s goodbye e-mail:

“After a lot of praying, I have decided I am NOT meant to be a spokesperson for the cause of healing from homosexuality….God has given me deliverance from the homosexual sin — but, He is not asking me to stand on a platform, as an activist, against my former lifestyle.”

After this professional humiliation, Glatze retreated to a small bible school in Wyoming to become a fundamentalist preacher. His latest anti-gay screed occurred in a May 30, 2013 World Net Daily column, “Homosexuality – the Way God Sees It.” Here is what Glatze said:

“To be strong, as men, Christian men must understand that homosexuality is a direct raping of the relationship between Man and God – NOT, as some have suggested, a perfectly viable sexual ‘choice’ open to the same freedoms that any other ‘consensual choice’ seems to have in our relativistic society. Sure, Christian truth may not become the law of our land any time soon (though it certainly could), but Christian truth can certainly become the law of our lives – and it should, if we hope to make an impact on our world! God gifted me with a personal walk through homosexuality to the other side. Now, today, I’m happy and living a good, God-honoring life.”

It now appears his phony “transformation” has moved on to recruiting an innocent victim as a prop to give credence to his lie. My heart truly breaks for poor Rebekah. As much as Glatze says he loves her and is truly a heterosexual, the reality is that her future will most likely end like this:

h/t Jonathan