Burlington, Vt. — Truth Wins Out today sent the following letter to Eric Fanning, Acting Secretary of the Air Force, urging that Dr. Mike Rosebush be terminated as the Chief of Character and Leadership Coaching at the Air Force Academy. Dr. Rosebush’s resume, as a leading purveyor of “ex-gay” junk science, disqualifies him from holding a counseling position for any branch of the American military. Since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, openly gay and lesbian service members have been seamlessly integrated into the military, showing just how vital their service has been all along. Dr. Rosebush’s presence at the Air Force Academy is a severe affront to the American values that have made the United States Military the most elite fighting force in the world. The letter reads as follows:

Eric Fanning
Acting Secretary of the Air Force
1670 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330-1670

Dear Acting Secretary Fanning:

Truth Wins Out, the foremost organization in exposing the harmful junk science of “ex-gay” or “reparative” therapy, was alarmed to learn that the Air Force Academy now has in its employ Dr. Mike Rosebush, in a counseling role no less. Over the course of his career, Dr. Rosebush has been active in promoting the junk science of “curing” homosexuality, treating it as an addiction from which one must recover. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs on sexuality, there is no disagreement on the science. All credible scientists agree that homosexuality and bisexuality are natural, biological components of the human condition, no less normal than heterosexuality. Moreover, all credible scientists, as well as all major medical and mental health organizations, agree that efforts to “cure” homosexuality are ineffective at best, and often harmful. Again, these are not opinions up for debate, but rather the consensus of all credible experts on the subject. We urge you to use the website to learn exactly what the science says on these issues, and to fully grasp how far outside of the mainstream Dr. Rosebush’s beliefs and practices are.

The staff of Truth Wins Out sees the after-effects of “ex-gay” therapy on a daily basis, as we meet people and hear stories that are all eerily similar. The “therapy” propagated by Dr. Rosebush and others tends to leave patients worse than they were when they came in, it destroys families, and leads to depression and, in tragic cases, suicide.

We understand that Dr. Rosebush was hired before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but the landscape has changed. As you are surely aware, gay and lesbian service members are being seamlessly integrated into the culture of the United States Military, and are every bit as heroic, talented and vital as their heterosexual counterparts. It is a grave insult to those troops and their families to employ a man who believes that they are fundamentally sick and in need of a cure. Morale stays high only when all troops are treated with equal respect, so that they can focus their energies unflaggingly on their work. Dr. Rosebush’s continued presence at the Air Force Academy is a slap in the face to every ideal that makes the U.S. Military the greatest fighting force on the planet.

We encourage you to act quickly and decisively to remove Dr. Rosebush from his position, for the sake of all cadets and to preserve the integrity of the United States Air Force.


Wayne Besen

Executive Director, Truth Wins Out